A Quick Way to Dry Long Locs

One of the biggest challenges with styling long hair is the drying time— especially in the nape area.

How many times have you put your salon guest under the dryer for the standard drying time, only to realize everything is dry except the nape area?! Too many!

Not only does this slow down your business because now you have one less dryer to use; but it also decreases your earning potential because your guest is there much longer and the cost of the service has not increased. Plus, I’m sure your guest is ready to come from under the dryer as well— no one enjoys the hair dryer!

But what if I told you that you could reduce the dryer time AND give your guest a more pleasant dryer experience?!

I discovered that using the Dryer Bonnet Cover you can dry longer hair evenly (especially the ends and nape) and eliminate the hot air from blowing into your guests’ face.

Dryer Bonnet Cover

Essentially, the Dryer Bonnet Cover converts your hooded dryer into a bonnet dryer.

This is one of the best investments I’ve made in the salon! And my guests’ LOVE it too— especially when doing roller sets or straight loc maintenance with long hair.


Have you tried the Dryer Bonnet Cover? How did you like it?

If not, you need to  grab one ASAP— your salon guests (and bank account) will thank you!